San Juan


It is located in the Third Region, in the coastal area south of Freirina, in the province of Vallenar, approximately 60 km south of Huasco and 55 km west of the Central Grid (SIC).

LAP’s Capacity

184,8 MW

In operation since

In operation since dec/2016. Commercial operation by CDEC since March/2017.

San Juan Wind farm starts its development in 2012, with firsts wind measurements. The construction starts in May of 2015 and was completed in December 2016. In March 2017, the commercial operation milestone by CDEC was reached.
With a total capacity of 184.8 MW supplied by 56 wind turbines, Vestas , Model V117; 3.3/3.45MW and one Power transformer substation inside the wind farm that connects the San Juan project to the Chilean Grid System (SIC) in the Punta Colorada Substation by an transmission Lines with 84 km of length.