Sustainable Management

Sustainability is the compass that directs all our targets at LAP, be they environmental, social or financial. This commitment is essential to survive and grow over the long term as an electricity generating company. It includes supporting the formation of increasingly prosperous communities, with incentives to diversify local culture and defend social interests.

Our Commitment

At LAP our daily commitment captures the following dimensions:

Financial development, generating results for our customers, shareholders, local communities and employees.

Social development, creating direct and indirect job opportunities within local communities.

Environmental responsibility, using natural resources carefully, using clean technologies and renewable resources, recovering environments, reducing waste and mitigating the effects of operations.

Political participation, actively contributing to public policy that promotes sustainable development.

Important Areas

Sustainability at Latin America Power is divided into four key areas:


Investment in renewable energy projects

LAP only participates in NCRE projects, as these use renewable resources for energy generation and has minimal social and environmental impacts.


Socio-environmental policy

We respect the environmental laws in each country and we are actively involved in professional organizations with the aim of contributing to public policies that stimulate national growth and development.


Strategic relationship programs

We are involved in various activities relating to environmental protection and sustainable development in local communities. We actively invest in educational, infrastructural, health and technical training programs.


Relationship with the community

We have established communication links with the main interest groups at all the local communities near our project sites, in order to understand their opinions and requirements, to publicize our projects and to build solid relationships.

The Sustainability Department at LAP works closely with the Engineering and Construction Department and they are responsible for the following:

  • Regional analysis of potential areas for new projects.
  • Identify the property owners for potential new projects. Identify facilities and socio-environmental restrictions.
  • Support the environmental approval process.
  • Obtain permits from the relevant authorities as required to implement projects.
  • Tracking permits and environmental licenses.
  • Manage relationships with mine owners.
  • Implement communication channels for a harmonious coexistence with local neighbors.
  • Manage land and easements.
  • Manage relationships with environmental and sectoral authorities.
  • Community relations.
  • Maintain socio-environmental monitoring programs.
  • Maintain compliance with the requirements of ISO 14,001.

A distinctive brand printed by LAP on its projects, during their entire life cycle, is Sustainability.

A highly competent and interdisciplinary team committed to excellence in environmental performance, occupational health and safety, in addition to transparent, timely and collaborative relationships with relevant social stakeholders, generate value to all LAP´s assets.

Seriousness to technical, economic, environmental, social and territorial feasibility studies; opportunities and risks analysis; and early approach to communities and organizations; result in mutual knowledge, respect and trustworthiness.

The identification of best locations with minimum environmental impacts has been performed by our engineers, as well as the use of most recent and environmental friendly technologies in the environmental licensing of each project.

We have built all our power generation plants with high social and environmental standards, ascribing and complying with global parameters such as the Equator Principles and IFC, which were audited by national and international entities that have participated in our projects financing.

We work together with each community related to our projects, identifying and covering their basic needs, highlighting the richness of their cultures and territories, pursuing  to enhance development. These experiences have allowed us to improve our neighbors quality of life and increase our team knowledge.

The Sustainable Development Funds have been proved as a powerful vehicle to fully share our benefits with the communities.  In Peru, for example, peasant communities have recovered the value of seeds and its own value with the production of the best potatoes in the Andean area. In Chile, we have been highly recognized internationally for the work carried out to insert a medium-scale project in Indigenous Communities located in isolated areas where we settled up culture, education, health and basic services as a pillar of a productive community work. We also have established with the fishermen community, a promising tourist destination of scientific interest on sightings of cetaceans and local fauna in the Atacama Desert coast, bringing together the national and international interests.

Our renewable energies projects have the Sustainability brand by nature.